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Self Defense, MuayThai Boxing, Kick boxing, Filipino Kali, Wing Chun Martial Arts Institute Mumbai

Aikido martial arts in Leadership and Business Management Mumbai India
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Principles of Aikido in Leadership and Management

The rapidly changing nature of today's business requires that people possess strong leadership expertise to handle complex problems with efficiency, & flexibility. Aikido will be useful in catering to the present day needs of the corporate business community.

By adopting these philosophies, we will benefit both professionally and personally. We will embark on a path of continual learning and personal changes that will revolutionize the way we go about our goals.




To know your self, your handicaps & Plus points. Self knowledge is the greatest knowledge.


To understand the opponents (Opposing energy).


To go with the Flow:

Go forward, where there is a free path, If you meet an obstacle, go around it. If the obstacle cannot be overcome, yield using the force of the obstacle. When you yield, harness the energy of the obstacle to your advantage.


Create within yourself a more powerful identity as a leader

Be aware of your physical symptoms of becoming off balance whilst stressed. Regain your mental balance & center when you are drawn "off center"

Listen to the projections of others while not disengaging touch with your own. Transfer  unproductive arguments toward productive inquiry and dialogue.

Develop a ‘No mindedness” of liberation. One thought, One action – No mind.

Understand that Vibration creates success. Vibration comes from good intention & Bushido - correct principles & values.

Incorporate minimum effort to maximum effectivity.

Plan. But remember, despite all planning, things go wrong. Have a contingency plan. Be prepared to counter the complication. If not, Adapt to it.

Use Simplicity, Directness & effectivity. Use Economy of Motion. The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line.

We conduct half to one day corporate workshops in this subject & related subjects.

Contact us for further details. See below:



  • Elite International Training Center  
  • First professional martial art studio in India
  • Unique Training Facilities with modern equipment
  • Centers in Opera House & Andheri 4 Bunglows
  • Multiple Martial Arts under one roof
  • Learn from the Best
  • Instructors train the Indian Forces & Police in Special Operations
  • Personalized Training - One Instructor for every Student
  • Street & Full Contact Oriented Fighting
  • Crash Courses as well as Black Belt Courses
  • Shortest Black Belt Intensive Program of 10 months
  • International Certificates awarded
  • Fitness, Diet & Weight Management Complimentary
College Students, Doctors, Lawyers, Software Professionals, Actors, Engineers, Working Women, Executives & Corpoates
REGULAR HOURS / Before & After Work HOURS 
  • South Mumbai (Opera House),
  • Bandra &
  • Suburbs (Andheri 4 Bunglows).
  • Home Training available.
Call our Administration Dr. Komal for planning ur martial arts journey at
9820496752   or  9969022229
For PROSPECTUS E mail us at
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